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Helpful Hints in Preparing for Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Financing Requirements

Remember that the definition of buy here pay here dealers is that these dealerships finance the customers directly. This makes each dealer make his own criteria on what is needed to be able to trust that their money that is invested in the customers, is not going to be lost. This makes writing a rigid table with actual requirements an almost impossible task to achieve. However, here are the basic requirements as well as hints of why would dealers need them.1. Some sort of identification with picture of the customer that is asking for financing approval for verification.2. A recent bill to prove the address of the customer in case the payments are not paid on time. Although most identification cards, like the state ID and the driver’s licence, have the customer’s address, it can often be several years old and hence the address is not updated to the most recent one but a bill would have the recent address.3. Proof of income – This can be from check stubs or direct deposit into a bank account with the bank statement present to show as proof. Or it can be from Social Security Disability income or other reliable sources. Each dealer would have their own measurement of what is reliable income sources. Remember that some dealers are aiming to be able to garnish wages in case the payments are not paid and vehicle is not returned or can’t be found to repossess.4. Some places require a bank statement to reveal how the customers spend their money. If there are other car payments that show up on the statements, then the dealers would take this into account when calculating the approved loan amount to be granted to the customer. More life expenses means that this customer is less likely to be able to pay large monthly payments, even if his income is high.5. Down payment money – This differs greatly from dealer to dealer and from car to car and even from customer to customer. Here is why, first, some dealers are running incentives while others are not. Second, customers might be asking for very expensive vehicles. Third, customers may be asking for average priced vehicles but their income proven can not cover the monthly payments as well as life expenses so the dealers ask for higher down payments to lower the risk involved with such deals. Customers need to keep in mind that even if dealers are asking for no money down, it does not mean for customers not to have any cash available. The reason is that customers, in most states, are still required by law to pay all the taxes on the vehicle as a lump sum in the beginning of the sale. Also, there are registration costs that need to be paid by the customers.6. References – Many dealers require that customers provide references from family and friends. Basically, the dealerships would contact these people and ask them for information about the whereabouts of the customers when needed. This is meant as a secure way for the dealers to be able to track down the customers in the event that the payments are not paid and the vehicles cannot be traced to repossess.

Wide-Angle Lenses – Landscape Photography Tips Part 1-3

Wide-angle lenses have short focal lengths. The focal length could be as short as 14mm. The short focal length of wide-angle lenses aids in landscape photography as it enables more of the scene you are photographing to be squeezed into the frame.Landscape Photography Tips #1 – The Right Time To Use A Wide-Angle LensThe answer to this question is obvious. Photographers use these lenses when they are in attempt to photograph expansive views.Landscape Photography Tips #2 – Common Made MistakesA common and easily made mistake when using these lenses is to include too many elements in a frame. Although the wide-angle lens squeezes a lot of elements into the frame to capture stunning images of a grand landscape, including too many subjects into the frame can really dilute the images.Bear this in mind; whatever you leave you out of the frame is as important as whatever you include in the frame. Hence, be sure to be very careful and know what you are doing when conducting landscape photography.Landscape Photography Tips #3 – Link Distinct AreasWhen you use a wide-angle lens, you will notice that the subject you photograph will appear looking way smaller than it actually is in backgrounds. To solve this, all you need to do is to link obvious areas such as foreground, midground and background.Landscape Photography Tips #4 – Create A Real Sense Of DepthAnother landscape photography tip you can consider implementing is to make use of the wide-angle lens to create a real sense of depth.Creating this will result your photograph’s viewer to experience the ‘near-far’ perspective. This works best when the foreground includes elements such as rocks and flowers.Landscape Photography Tips #5 – Increase The Impact Of Wide-Angle Images With Compositional Tips Not only does a this lens work well with foreground interest, it also works great at emphasizing leading lines. For instance, you can position your wide-angle lens very closely to a fence.The way to go about this is to enter the frame from the edge and lead in to the fence. This will take your photograph’s viewer on a journey through the frame.This works best with wide-angle lenses as compared to telephoto lenses. Reason being these wide lenses create a much more dynamic result.